This week on The Groomer Next Door Podcast we're rejoined by another real friend of ours. This week Troy Allison is stopping by and sharing what's new at Fetching Foods. 


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Episode 245 “VICKI LARSEN 2.0″

November 3, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens and welcome back to the The Groomer Next Door Podcast. This week one of our friends rejoins us for a very unique and interesting conversations. I'd say everything revolves and my family, friends, and furry friends but honestly after all these episodes I think it's obviously. 


Episode 244″PET PSYCHIC”

October 27, 2018

This week on The Groomer Next Door Podcast in the "spirit" of Halloween we're going to have an Animal Communicator on the show

What is Animal Communication?

Some people call it telepathic, intuitive, or psychic communication. I’m sure there are many other words or phrases to describe it. For me, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to define it so that others will understand what I do.

I sometimes tell people that I’ve just figured out how to use another part of my brain that I never knew how to use before. I remind people that Einstein once said that we humans only use about 10% of our brain. Most people agree with that and accept the idea, while others want more of an explanation. Unfortunately, though, it’s just not that easy to define.

Over the years, as I connect and communicate with different animals, I’ve found that it’s much more than just my brain that I’m accessing and using during a session. At first I thought it was just my brain, but I’ve realized it’s actually my entire body. I find that the more work I do on myself to clear my chakras and raise my vibration, the better my communication work becomes. And I’ve found that there are outside influences at work as well.

Here’s what happens when I communicate with an animal:

Before I connect with it, I sit quietly and focus on a picture of the animal. I breathe deeply and try to quiet my mind as much as possible. I try not to let any other thoughts interrupt my concentration.

Then I say a prayer and I ask God, my Angels, and my Spirit Guides for support during the communication. I ask them to help me hear everything that the animal wants to tell me. Lately, I’ve started calling on the animal’s guides as well.

Once I mentally connect with an animal, I begin to feel as though I’m pulling its energy into mine. Not only do I hear its voice, but I also begin to feel what it’s feeling. If it’s happy, I feel happy. If it’s sad, I’ll start to feel sad. There have been times when I’ve started crying uncontrollably and it’s all because of what’s going on with the animal and the energy it’s sending through to me.

Also, along with the voices and the feelings, I sometimes get images. If my ‘clients’ want me to see what they see, they’ll send me a picture. In my mind’s eye, I’ll see the black Doberman the little Pekingese is in love with. Or, I’ll see the painted tennis shoes an owner wears when she takes her greyhound for a walk.

So, I really don’t know of a good way to describe what Animal Communication is because so many things seem to be happening all at one time. It’s so much more than human verbal communication.

All I can tell you is that it’s real. It really does happen and it really is possible. I am forever grateful for this ability to communicate. And, if I can help you or your animal in any way through my communication work, I am more than happy to do so…..regardless of how anyone wants to define it.



October 20, 2018

This week on The Groomer Next Door podcast we're going to be talking to a great attorney who repersents furry friends.


Dog and Pet Attorney

A lawyer for nearly 20 years, Jeremy Cohen has been handling cases for dog owners since 2008. By opening Boston Dog Lawyers in 2015 he is growing a law practice specializing in representing dog owners and pet owners.

Prior to working for animals, Attorney Cohen worked in the insurance industry. He rose from a claims adjuster to manager of global claims on behalf of The General Electric Company. He founded a general practice law firm in 2007 and sold it in 2014 so he could focus on defending companion animals.

While he still handles some civil litigation outside of pets, each day his practice becomes more and more about what he loves to do.

Dog Liability Defense Services in Massachusetts and Throughout the Country

The dog defense practice is premised on procedural due process for dog owners. A fundamental American principle is that the accused must be afforded the right to be heard and the right to confront witnesses. This is not just for criminal matters and it is mentioned in two Constitutional amendments demonstrating its importance. A hearing is a time to effectively contest, disprove or justify the allegations of bad behavior against you and your dog. Having a lawyer helps makes certain that all relevant facts are presented and challenged and that the process is handled in your best interests. Still, orders can be made which do not seem to follow logic or reason and additional hearings become necessary as part of the appeals process. It is important to confront and cross-examine witnesses at each interval. That’s what we do well.


Procedural Due Process Rights for Dog Owners

Dogs are still considered property in the world of law. This is not a modern view and it is inconsistent with true value these pets have in our lives. It is ultimately up to legislators to take up the concept and give courts the authority to change their view. Right now, on a case by case basis, we use innumerable tools to force the issue and change the perception, one dog and one owner at a time. We are very appreciative of the opportunity to represent people in such important family matters. Our guarantee is that we will use the same effort and energy to win as though we were trying to protect our own dog.

Dog are still considered property in all legal jurisdictions. Due process, whether rooted in the federal or state constitutions, extends to life, liberty and property, and thus should extend to any action that may be taken against your dog.

Procedural due process is based on the concept of fairness. It includes an individual's right to be adequately notified of charges or proceedings involving him, and the opportunity to be heard at these proceedings.

Dog Liability Defense Services in Massachusetts and Throughout the Country

Pet owners understand the joy an animal can bring to a household. Therefore, when your faithful dog has been ordered to be euthanized because of an alleged attack, bite or nuisance claim, it can be devastating. The good news is that with the help of our experienced Boston animal liability defense attorneys, you can fight to overturn an order to put your pet down.

At Boston Dog Lawyers we represent responsible dog owners nationwide who have been informed that their dogs must be unfairly restrained, punished or euthanized to preserve the safety of others. We understand how important pets are to you and your family. We have a proven track record of saving that friendship.


Dedicated Animal Liability Defense Representation

Each animal case is unique. When you retain our services, the first thing we will do is perform a thorough investigation into the alleged incident and all the parties involved. Often, dog aggression stems from:
Someone provoking the animal
A trespasser
Poor health or exercise
Someone under the influence causing an unusual reaction
An attempt at defending itself or its owner
Misinterpreting clothing or body language

Our team looks at everything from the weather that day through your dog’s diet to determine if the incident was founded in aggression, mistake or simply a dog being a dog.

Your Dog Has the Right to Due Process

Did the victim miss the warnings you and your dog were giving him or her? It is rare that a dog resorts directly to a bite to gain control of a situation.

Has the TV news or local press been involved? Are you being portrayed fairly and accurately? Have you managed your story, language and emotion well?

We offer all the skills you need to fight for your Dog's rights!



October 14, 2018

Episode 241 “SCOUT & ZOE’S”

October 6, 2018

This week on The Groomer Next Door Podcast we're joined by one of my favorite ladies, Cindy Dunston Quirk. I first noticed Cindy by her amazing and entertaining Facebook Live videos. 

Scout & Zoe's is all about dogs. We absolutely love dogs and everything about them; they are our passion. And that is the single reason why Scout & Zoe's exists. We want to be your place to talk, learn and love all things dogs.

But since you clicked on the About Us tab, you probably want to know more about, Scout and Zoe. Okay, we'll open the curtain so you can see who we are and why we are doing what we do.

Around our house, I'm known as the Momster to all of our furry critters. In most other areas, people know me as Cindy Dunston Quirk. I have always loved animals ever since I can remember, especially dogs. As a child, my parents raised Pekinese pups so that was the breed we had as pets. As an adult, I lean toward larger breeds....German Shepherds and German Shorthair Pointers. But I still have a soft spot for any dog, no matter what breed.

I am most at ease when I am covered with dog hair from head to toe.

Let me tell you a little about each of our namesakes, Scout and Zoe. Dogs have been are our four-legged, furry kids. I take them with me wherever I go and whenever possible; they are my constant companions. I told you, I really love dogs!

Zoe's allergies lead me to start this venture. She developed allergies to beef among other things and she needed a chew that wouldn't irritate her skin or tummy. She loved to play keep-away, spend alone time with the Momster, sit in the sunshine and attempt to be the boss of Scout. Sleeping on the bed and riding in the car were her favorite pass times. All that and getting a treat! A lovely German Shepherd, Zoe was always a very active, slim and beautiful girl. And she had a great life despite her allergies.

My sweetheart with fur passed away in my arms at home with her family surrounding her on the sunny afternoon of April 17, 2014. We were blessed to share 14 years of unconditional love, laughs, hugs and companionship with her. We miss her terribly. Not a day goes by that she isn't on my mind.

Scout is the latest addition to our family. He was born on Fathers Day in 2008. And yes, his twos were terrible. Constantly the source of chaos in our household, Scout loves to run through the house as well as the yard chasing anything that will run away from him....especially squirrels.

One of his very favorite activities was enticing Zoe to chase him. But he now enjoys jumping on the bed during the middle of the night, waking everyone up at the crack of dawn and pulling the stuffing out of Zoes toys. Oh yes, he still carries around his blankie Mamaw Vee made for him.

While Scout is a graduate of doggie manner and etiquette classes, he has learned the fine art of being selectively obedient.

The reason this company exists is because of my dedication to Zoe, Scout and their allergies. Due to extensive allergies they have had their entire lives, neither could enjoy any bovine products--bones, rawhide, or anything beef flavored.

So I began to search for items for them to chew on to exercise their chew drive and help with cleaning their teeth. Boy, that was a long search! Ten years to be exact.

Antlers are rugged, hard, solid and wont splinter like bones will. These provide the exact qualities I wanted in a chew for my doggie pals. And there is the added bonus of the chews actually being good for them. Trace minerals of calcium and phosphorous are in all antlers.

WOW! What a combination.....great to chew on and good for both Scout and Zoe. The perfect storm!

In 2012, when all the chicken jerky from overseas was making dogs sick or worse, I began making treats. I figured if I couldn't find treats I considered safe for my pups to enjoy, then I should just make them. So I did.

Sweet potatoes and chicken jerky were our first treats. Now we have an extensive offering of premium, USDA grade A quality, human-grade raw ingredients for all of our treats. Every single item is USA sourced and produced in a USDA inspected facility.

These treats are so safe, I eat them. Safe for me, safe for my pooches. Safe for my fur kids; very safe for your precious fur babies!



Episode 240 ” BECAUSE ANIMALS”

September 29, 2018

Hello and welcome back to The Groomer Next Door Podcast This week we're joined by Dr. Shannon Falconer.

Because Animals started out of our love for animals.

We volunteered for years at the same cat rescue charity in Toronto—we may have even worked to help the same cats. But somehow we never crossed paths.

We would meet much later, while Shannon was working as a microbiologist at Stanford University and Joshua was earning his MBA from Indiana University.

We connected over the same problem: how do we feed our pets without hurting other animals and in turn the environment?

Our answer is Because Animals: a company making nutritious, sustainable and cruelty-free pet food.

Shannon + Joshua

Because Animals founders

Shannon Falconer, Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Falconer has a PhD in microbial chemical biology from McMaster University, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. In addition to her academic pursuits, Shannon has spent over a decade volunteering in the animal rescue community, and has been inspired by the love of hundreds of cats and dogs (and more than a few incredible humans). Shannon and her two dogs enjoy a plant-based diet.

Email Shannon:

rots, Dog consultant

Trots is a mixed-breed chihuahua who is Shannon’s failed foster from the SPCA in San Francisco, California. Trots has been Because Animals’ lead taste tester for dog products since 2016.

Boston, Cat consultant

Boston is a medium-hair black cat with a white tip on the end of his tail, rescued off the street in 2013. Boston took the role of Because Animals chief feline tester in 2016. He loves his work and his life.

What can we do?

We’re pet parents, just like you. We can start by no longer feeding our pets factory-farmed slaughterhouse animals. That’s the driving force behind our work at Because Animals: We make ultra-nutritious animal-free pet food products so you don’t have to choose between the health of your pet, the wellness of other animals or the environment.



September 29, 2018

This is the second on air radio interview for the 2018 Strut Your Mutt event which took place 2 days later. I was interview on The Morning Mayors KTTR 99.7


Episode 239 “RAW DOG HAWAII”

September 22, 2018

Aloha and welcome back to The Groomer Next Door. This week we travel to Hawaii to discuss raw feeding.

We were frustrated because our dog was suffering with allergies. We’d spent an awful lot of money on medicines, vet visits, and over the counter shampoos only to have our best friend continue to suffer. Our foods only contain the highest quality, organic and human edible ingredients and we want our customers to have a positive experience with our products - crappy commercial products simply can't help you or your dog.

In addition to providing great products and service, we want to change the way society looks at raw food. There are still vets that preach kibble and prescription, and there is a fear spread towards raw dog food that still lingers in our culture. For instance, the term "raw food" should be "a true evolutionary diet" or "species perfect."

These changes take time, but progress is being made. Recently, Dr. Karen Becker, DVM and others vets have started explaining and evangelizing on YouTube the safety and benefits of a carefully made raw dog food. We can't do this alone, and we need you to help us change beliefs and preconceptions. Connect with us by joining our mailing list, liking us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, share photos on Instagram, by writing a powerful Yelp review, and most importantly – become a Raw Dog!


In May of 2012, my wife and I moved to Honolulu. I was several years into feeding my dog raw food and I couldn’t find a locally produced choice. It was shortly after that I combined my passions of dogs and organic foods; I fell in love.

Shortly after that event, I launched Raw Dog Hawaiʻi as a way to use Hawaiʻi’s amazing ingredients and awesome farmers to source our ingredients. We first started off making the food at home using our first website. A few farmers’ markets later I began to share my knowledge about how to heal dogs simply by feeding them a high quality, evolutionary-based diet. Ultimately, the goal was to provide the tools necessary for dog owners to feel confident about healing their own dogs, and I also wanted to end the negative stereotypes about raw food being unsafe or a passing fad.

We continued to improve our products and expand our flavors for several months. It was very rewarding to share my experiences of growing our raw dog food business, and connecting with other individuals who struggled with my same challenges. Hopefully my words helped those dog owners get the basic tools needed to understand why dogs shouldn’t eat dry food and how to see that raw food really is the best prescription.

Raw Dog Hawai’i was very small at this point, but I always had a larger vision for what it could become. Many people would doubt the potential of the company and call it a niche market or a passing fad.  They would ask, "what happens when this raw food fad ends?" The simple answer to this question is; "the kibble based and mass produced diets are ending now, and Raw Dog Hawai’i will be leading the charge to a real food for dogs."

Through 2012 and 2013 Raw Dog Hawai’i grew steadily driven by our successes with healing dog allergies. It was toward the end of the year that all the pieces would fall into place that allowed Raw Dog Hawai’i to really grow.



In early 2013, Honolulu Magazine wrote a small story about us. At the same time Island Dog Magazine ran a feature story on us. We attended the Hawai’i Pet Expo in May of 2013 and the response was crazy. Luckily, we had several friends come with us and without them we would have been crushed at the response

It was because of this event that our customers became a bit crazy about telling everyone they knew about us. We quickly grew from me by my lonesome in a commercial kitchen to a staff of three. We’ve outgrown our kitchen, but we continue to support local farmers and ranchers, hire locally and invest locally. We are still looking for a larger space. I simply couldn’t imagine my life being any more fulfilling.

Raw Dog Hawai’i’s community was moving along as normal, when Honolulu Magazine honored us with the Best of 2014 Award. It caught us so off-guard that we only learned about it from our customers!  We were quite humbled.

We bootstrapped the business with a little bit of cash and a credit card. If anyone had told us we were going to be using over 16,000 pounds of chicken every month I’m pretty sure we would have thought them crazy. From that day, the business has grown consistently month over month. We've done it by connecting with our customers and by providing great products and service. We do things the old fashioned way - we buy our inventory locally, listen and respond to our customers, and sell only products we personally believe in and would feed our own family.

I handle the overall business, with Dakota Tatom running our farmers’ markets, Virgil Villamar and his wife running the kitchen, and my wife proof reading, editing, and providing feedback to keep me focused and grounded. Together we form a united and productive team; always on the same page regarding the vision, culture, and outlook of the business.


Episode 238 “MUTT MUFFS:

September 16, 2018

Hello, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door Podcast this week we discuss protecting hearing for your pup.

This truly was a case of necessity being the mother... My dog Cooper, like most dogs, loves riding in anything that moves. So it was a natural doggy instinct to jump in the plane. I'd made a few short hops with my furry co-pilot, but was always very concerned about the decibel level and his sensitive ears.





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