Hello, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door Podcast this week we discuss protecting hearing for your pup.

This truly was a case of necessity being the mother... My dog Cooper, like most dogs, loves riding in anything that moves. So it was a natural doggy instinct to jump in the plane. I'd made a few short hops with my furry co-pilot, but was always very concerned about the decibel level and his sensitive ears.





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September 8, 2018
Hello Pups and Kittens, welcome back to an all new episode of The Groomer Next Door. This week we're joined by Cuddle Clones https://cuddleclones.com/
We love animals.
At Cuddle Clones, we recognize the unbreakable bond pet moms and dads have with their fur-children. But oftentimes that bond is disrupted due to travel, going away to college, military deployment or sadly the loss of a dear pet. We capture that connection with 100% handmade plush replicas of YOUR PET! That's right! We capture all of the physical details and personality traits of your pet in adorable stuffed animal form. Do you know what we call these adorable creations?! You guessed it, Cuddle Clones!
An opportunity to give back.
It would be our pleasure and privilege to help you celebrate that loving bond between you and your furbaby and make it last forever! Wait! That's not all! 10% of all profits are donated to help animals in need. You can feel the inner warmth of a thousand puppy breath kisses knowing that a portion of your purchase has been directly attributed to improving the lives of actual animals.

Our Focus on Giving Back

Every month Cuddle Clones donates to an animal-wellness organization, a pet shelter and an individual pet in need. Check out our most recent donations below!




The Cuddle Clones Aha Moment Ignites

Napping next to her Great Dane Rufus, our Founder, Jennifer Williams comes up with the idea for Cuddle Clones.



Jennifer Meets an Unexpected Kindred Spirit

Jennifer enrolls in the MBA program at the University of Louisville and meets eventual Co-Founder, Adam Greene. They hit it off during an after class karaoke hangout and decided to become business partners.



Cuddle Clones the idea becomes a Business!

Jennifer and Adam establish Cuddle Clones LLC and make their first Cuddle Clone; a mixed breed dog named Layla.



Cuddle Clones Original Website Launches

An informational website is launched to gain awareness for the brand. What it lacked in functionality and design it made up for in heart.



Cuddle Clones E-Commerce Opens for Business

Our first fully functioning e-commerce website launches and acts as the brand’s new digital storefront.



Cuddle Clones Acquires Cartoonize My Pet LLC

It was love at first sight! We couldn't wait to get our paws on Cartoonize My Pet and are still very close with the previous owner, Fran. She's great!



Cuddle Clones 2.0 Launches

The Cuddle Clones team releases our new website with features that you, the customer, have asked for!

“SPECIAL EDITION” KTTR Radio interview 9/6/18

September 6, 2018

In studio interview for Phelps County Animal Welfare Leagues annual Strut Your Mutt with Lee Burr and Kent Bagnall on The Morning Mayors.


Episode 236 “MEOWINGTONS”

September 2, 2018

Episode 236 of The Groomer Next Door is here with one of my favorite cat ladies This week we're going to Meowingtons.

Inspired by one woman’s unconditional love for cats, Meowingtons is more than a company – it is a community for cat lovers to share in the latest and greatest cat trends, news, memes, and advice – all while shopping from the largest variety of unique, cat-themed products. 

And the best part? We get to help cats in need.

Here at Meowingtons, we believe that every cat deserves a forever home, and our mission is to help these amazing felines in any way we can. To give back to our feline community, we work closely with our shelter partners by fostering cats from our office, donating essential supplies and enrichment toys, and sponsoring community cat adoption events – all to help the cats who need it most!

Meet Our Foster Cats!   

Our team is part of an Office Cats Foster Program. We currently foster Betsy and Blusie, two adorable lovebugs, in our office space in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Want to know more about Betsy and Blusie and the rest of our adorable fosters? See our Foster Cats Page or e-mail support@meowingtons.com!


Episode 235 “PROTECT THE PETS”

August 25, 2018

This week on the podcast we have a very special guest. You've probably have heard of our guest he's the veternarian who takes on the big box store, he's stood up to big pet food, and has raised awareness on titers. This week we're joined by Dr. John Rob.

Dr. John Robb is a respected doctor of veterinary medicine from Connecticut. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Davis in 1981 and his DVM from that same institution in 1985.
Dr. Robb began his practice at New Haven Central Veterinary Hospital. He purchased the New Fairfield Veterinary Hospital in 1988, renaming it the Robb Animal Care Center in 1997. It was at this practice that Dr. Robb first established Community Appreciation Days, when he offered free exams and vaccinations to people who could not ordinarily afford veterinary care.
In April of 1999, Dr. Robb sold the Care Center to Veterinary Centers of America (VCA). He continued to work as an associate veterinarian and then Medical Director at VCA Northside in Danbury until his departure in 2005.
In 2007, Dr. Robb bought and ran Farmington Valley Emergency Hospital in Avon, Connecticut. There Dr. Robb treated every pet regardless of the owner’s financial situation. It was a 24-hour care facility for critically ill pets. Dr. Robb sold the 24-hour care facility in 2008 to BrightHeart Veterinary Company and bought a franchise from Banfield Pet Hospital. It was while at Banfield that Dr. Robb came up against the Veterinary Establishment represented by the Mars Candy Bar Company. Mars put profits first and pet lives second. In addition, Mars began an illegal process to dissolve franchise agreements and gain control of all 900 Banfield hospitals.

Dr. Robb could not be bought or blackmailed. Mars terminated the franchise agreement at Dr. Robb’s Banfield Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, with no compensation. Mars threatened to report Dr. Robb to the State Board of Veterinary Medicine if he “wouldn’t go quietly.” Dr. Robb told Mars that he, not Mars and not the Connecticut State Board, had the right to choose what volume of rabies vaccine he injected into a pet. From this beginning has come a worldwide movement to protect the pets by amending the rabies laws to honor the measuring of circulating antibodies: namely, a blood titer as the true indicator of immunity!

Throughout his career Dr. Robb has held an unwavering commitment to pets over profits. He has experienced first-hand the toxic effect of the drive for productivity and profitability on animal care. His unwillingness to observe the unspoken “rules” among veterinarians that emphasize protecting the vet over protecting the pet has earned him the love and respect of pet owners. While some in the industry want to silence him, he has become a voice and a leader for the many animal care professionals who want to live their passion and provide the very best in care to our animal companions.

Mission Statement​
To allow veterinarians to make decisions that are in the best interest of an animal's health. To prevent animals from being over-vaccinated, which can lead to illness or death. To bring awareness to pet owners of the danger of over-vaccination.To amend the Rabies law.

Dr. Robb will do the titer following these steps:

1. Kansas State requests 2cc's of serum for testing. Have your vet draw 4 cc's of whole blood and spin it for 5-10 minutes in a serum separator tube. 
2. Leave the blood in the serum separator tube. 
3. Once you have the blood sample home, complete the contact form below.
4. Once payment has been made, Dr. Robb will be notified and submit your information.
5. You will receive two emails: a pre-paid UPS label, and a submission form.
6. Place the submission form and the sample in a bubble wrap envelope or box, apply the label to the package, and ship directly to the lab.  
7. No refrigeration is required.
8. Drop your sample off in a UPS pick-up box or take it to the nearest UPS store for shipping. 
9. It will take approximately two weeks after shipping to get the results.
10. The results will be forwarded to your email address.  
11. If there are any problems call or text Dr. Robb (203-731- 4251). Please, do not call the Lab directly. 

Submission Form for Ordering a Titer from Dr. Robb 
ONE PET PER FORM. Each pet is a separate Payment Transaction.  Payment must be received before Dr. Robb can process. Thank you!
Current price includes a nominal fee for the time involved.  

Rabies (RFFT) $50
Rabies (RFFT) + Core $75
Core Only (Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus) $45

Rabies End Point Titer (not for travel) $120





August 20, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door podcast. This week we're joined by Lowell Kaufman. Lowell created a MUST NEED for all pet parents phone.



Join the Pet Health Revolution!

Well Informed Pet records and organizes your pet's health and wellness information...

Then you can share these records with anyone in your pet's life by just clicking a button. 

Put all your pet's health records in one place and give access to anyone (Mom, your neighbor, sitter).  

  • Reduce the stress of traveling with your pet - paper records are one less thing to remember and bring with you.
  • Stop worrying about your pet when you're away - check out pictures, comments, and more left by your walker, sitter, or boarding facility.
  • Keep up with changes in your pet's health - and share these changes with your vet immediately.
  • Avoid confusion at the groomer, boarding kennel, or trainer – your care instructions are all in one place.

Everything about your pet in one place - accessible by your phone

Well Informed Pet records and organizes your pet's health and wellness information...

Then you can share these records with anyone in your pet's life by just clicking a button. 

Put all your pet's health records in one place and give access to anyone (Mom, your neighbor, sitter).  


  • Reduce the stress of traveling with your pet - paper records are one less thing to remember and bring with you.
  • Stop worrying about your pet when you're away - check out pictures, comments, and more left by your walker, sitter, or boarding facility.
  • Keep up with changes in your pet's health - and share these changes with your vet immediately.
  • Avoid confusion at the groomer, boarding kennel, or trainer – your care instructions are all in one place.


Everything about your pet in one place - accessible by your phone.


Upload / import any relevant pet documents to our secure cloud storage - access them from anywhere you have internet connection.

Create categories to find your pet's records when you need them (like standing in a busy new vet's office).

Know exactly when your pet last received their medications or vaccinations – and what the dosage instructions are.

Search for any activities, keywords, etc., to find relevant information from your pet’s history quickly.

View a timeline of your pet’s history and filter by categories, too.

And, yes, add as many pets as you need to!



Give anyone who takes care of your pet access to records - and you control exactly what they see.

You can add to-do lists for your caretakers or yourself - and Well Informed Pet will send a reminder one day before the task is due.

Set up, track, and manage your pet's appointments, then share them with your pet's team.

Add updates on your pet's health (comments, photos, or documents) - your pet's team can do the same so you know exactly what's going on with your pet while you're away.

Share the fun stuff, too - without competing with the noise of social media.

Transfer pet ownership from one owner to another (or pass health info on to the adopter if you’re a rescue).


You won't be asked to provide any payment information at sign up. So if you decide to stop using the app (we don't think you will), no surprise charges later on.



August 18, 2018

Hello Pups and Kittens, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door podcast. This week we're taking a trip to Florida for all of your furry companions.

Hi, fellow pet peeps!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Patricia, owner of FloridaPets.net since 2001. My husband Chris and I have four companion dogs and all of us play on the furniture around here.

We are fortunate to live two minutes from a dog-friendly beach. Lulu, our black Labrador, would stay there for days if she could. Our Corgi mix, Jazz, likes the waves, but hates getting her feet wet - go figure! Add little Pepper the Poodle and Willie, the Doxie and you've got a crew who like getting out and having fun together. And we want you and your furkids to be able to do the same.

Where to go is often the big question. Whether you are a resident or visitor to Florida, I feel you will find FloridaPets.net to be a great resource for locations and events around the state where the red carpet is rolled out for well-behaved companion animals - and their well-behaved people.

As a former newspaper reporter, I have something in common with our Willie. I like to dig. In my case, I like searching for dog parks, beaches and boardwalks where canines are permitted to run, and restaurants where dogs can share a cool drink and treat with their peeps. I like discovering hotels, motels and B&Bs that love pet guests, and pet-friendly places to live, including apartments, condos, mobile home parks, even assisted living facilities.

What I learn from all my digging around, I share here. If you don't find the info you're looking for, please write to me and tell me what you need. I'm happy to help!



Episode 232 “HONEY LICKS”

August 11, 2018

Hello pups and Kittens and welcome to another episode of The Groomer Next Door. This episode was recorded earlier this year and since I have no information on Honey Licks.


Episode 231 “DR. COGER RETURNS”

August 4, 2018

This week on The Groomer Next Door Podcast our good friend Dr. Laurie Coger will be re-joining us discussing.

AAFCO MEETING BY: Susan Thixton (Truth About Pet Food)

Another Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) meeting is over.

This was the largest attendance of consumer advocates we’ve ever had at AAFCO. Dr. Karen Becker, Rodney Habib, Daniel Orrego, Dr. Barbara Royal, Dr. Natasha Lilly, Chelsea Kent, Tammy Akerman, B.C. Henschen, Laura Beveridge, Julie Elrod, Roxanne Stone, Billy Hoekman, (not pictured) Dr. Cathy Alinovi, and myself. (Also pictured who joined us for dinner is Audree, Dr. Josie, Jillian, and Maura.)

AAFCO meetings are a necessity. A necessity for us to be here, and a necessity for regulations to be established that properly regulate the food that animals consume. Part of the problem is that a great deal of effort is taken to write legal definitions of ingredients or determine the required font size on a label – but little enforcement of those detailed regulations happen.

As example…

We had a meeting with FDA right after the last session on Tuesday 7/31/18. One of the two pet owners that  spoke with FDA had multiple pets get sick from a commercial dog food. She told FDA that she purchased the dog food – in part – based on the images of steak on the label (just like millions of other pet owners have). What the label told her was in the food (steak) she later learned was not even close to what her dogs actually ate. The misleading pet food label cost her more than $6000.00 in vet bills – and the misleading image almost cost her her dog.

In the AAFCO book is this pet food regulation: “A vignette, graphic, or pictorial representation on a pet food label shall not misrepresent the contents of the package.” At a previous AAFCO meeting – probably 20 years ago – regulatory officials meticulously wrote this legal requirement of pet food labels. But…20 years later, not one State Department of Agriculture and not one FDA representative bothers to enforce this law.

Millions of pet food consumers unknowingly buy pet foods based on those misleading images on the label – images that are supposed to be regulated…but are not.

So part of the insanity of AAFCO is that many people work very hard to write legal requirements of pet food/animal feed…and then those very legal requirements are ignored.

Another pet owner shared her story with FDA during our meeting. Her story was of her dog’s death directly linked to a dog treat. This pet owner reported the incident to FDA, had the treat tested, provided all test results to FDA. But a full year after her dog died, FDA has done little to investigate the death. Through tear filled eyes, we all listened to her story and her pleas with FDA to do something to get a risky product off the market. She told the agency how concerning it was that she has to be the one to investigate the dog treat – because no regulatory authority was.

And again, we have another glaring concern of pet food. Lack of properly investigating a dangerous pet food or treat. Consumer tax dollars support the authorities that are supposed to be investigating a pet food/treat illness or death…but if we want an unsafe product off store shelves, consumers are left to investigate on our own.

What AAFCO members care most about is industry. And they are not shy about stating that. During the Ingredient Definitions Committee session a State Department of Agriculture representative reminded committee members that “firms are going to be hurting” if they don’t push through these ingredient definitions (they want to sell the ingredient but cannot until it is legally defined). During the Pet Food Label Modernization session (discussion on future updates to pet food labels), a State Department of Agriculture representative openly encouraged industry to complain about these label updates stating “this is going to cost you money to change your labels, more of you need to speak out against this”. This same State Department of Agriculture representative told the committee to “consider the economic impact to industry” regarding pet food labeling changes.

FYI – after the 2007 pet food recall, Congress required FDA to update pet food labels. Congress required FDA to complete this work by September 2009. This has never been completed by FDA. Nine years after law required pet food labels be updated, government officials complain the changes will hurt industry.

The biggest concern of regulatory authorities – AAFCO, State Department of Agriculture, and FDA – is industry. And we have to change that. Consumers are the largest stakeholder group of pet food. We are the reason commercial pet food exists. Somehow, some way…we have to constantly remind authorities that consumers ARE the most important stakeholder of pet food.

Our amazing team at AAFCO was wonderful. The caring energy from everyone was empowering. We were – as typical at AAFCO meetings – followed and listened to. During our meeting with FDA, someone was reporting every word back to another on a cell phone (yes, we saw you). But we didn’t care. We have nothing to hide, they do.

A special thank you to Dr. Karen Becker, Rodney Habib, Dr. Barbara Royal and Dr. Natasha Lilly for coming to AAFCO. You are appreciated more than words can properly explain.

Healthy Dog Expo 2019

Dr. Kendra Pope

As a board-certified veterinary oncologist, Dr. Pope knows the challenges pet owners face when their beloved companion is given a cancer diagnosis. She is one of only a handful of veterinary oncologists in the United States also extensively trained in holistic modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and intravenous nutrient therapies, which provides her with additional tools to utilize towards the best possible outcome, and quality of life, for every patient.

Her philosophy combines the use of her conventional medical training with that of various integrative modalities to maximize the health, wellness, and quality of life of her patients. Through collaboration with coworkers, colleagues and experts in their field, Dr. Pope is passionate about improving the lives of both her patients, and their owners. While answering tough medical questions, through clinical research, Dr. Pope is committed to making a difference in the area of integrative veterinary medicine.

Outside of those diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Pope routinely treats patients with other difficult or chronic conditions as well as those seeking maximal health and wellness. Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and more, her practice works to restore health and vitality, and improve quality of life. For more information, visit Dr. Pope’s website.



Kimberly Gauthier

Kimberly Gauthier is the blogger behind Keep the Tail Wagging and author of A Novice’s Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs. Kimberly and her Significant Other have raised two sets of happy, healthy littermates and one demanding cat (all raw fed) in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not digging into the latest sci-fi program or Marvel movie, Kimberly is hanging out with friends and plotting to morph the world into a dog-friendly planet. Learn more at her website, Keep The Tail Wagging.






Kohl Harrington

Writer/director Kohl Harrington exposed the truth behind the pet food industry in his second directorial effort, Pet Fooled. As the winner of the aptly named  Catalina Film Festival’s Unsung Hero award, Kohl brought forward many of the unsavory details of commercial pet foods, and the misleading marketing techniques that sell consumers on these products. Since its launch on Netflix, iTunes, and Vimeo, citizens in over 82 countries have seen the truth behind the colorful bags and cans. And Pet Fooled is just the tip of the iceberg. Kohl is already at work on Pet Fooled 2.0, which is sure to be a heart pounding, jaw dropping investigation bringing much needed clarity to consumers everywhere.  Follow the story at the Pet Fooled Facebook page and the Pet Fooled 2.0 fundraiser.



Suzanne Clothier

Suzanne Clothier has been working with animals professionally since 1977, with a deep background of experience that includes obedience, agility, puppy testing, breeding, Search and Rescue, conformation, instructing, kennel management and canine midwifery. She is well respected for her holistic Relationship Centered Training™ approach to dogs and the people that love them.

She has taught in the US, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Japan, Australia and New Zealand for groups as varied as Wolf Park, NADOI, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, FEMA (Northeast Region Disaster Dog Teams), Alaskan Dog Musher Association, Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society, AKC Obedience judges, many national specialties, and numerous obedience, agility, breed, rescue, shelter and SAR groups.

Her book, Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs has received wide spread praise from every corner of the dog world, including twice being included in the Wall Street Journal’s list of Top 5 Dog Books. An award winning author of videos, books, booklets and numerous articles, Suzanne has written articles for the AKC Gazette, Dog Fancy, Dogs In Canada, Off Lead, Clean Run, Wolf Clan and breed magazines and newsletters around the world. She served as a committee member for the AKC’s Agility Advisory Board, and as a committee member of the American Humane Association’s Task Force for the Development of Humane Standards in Dog Training.

She has served as a consultant to Guiding Eyes for the Blind (Patterson, NY), Southeastern Guide Dogs (Tampa, FL), Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation (Bloomfield, CT), Assistance Dogs of the West (Santa Fe, NM) and Guide Dogs of America (Sylmar, CA). For all these organizations, Suzanne utilized her Relationship Centered Training™ approach and her Enriched Puppy Protocol™ to assist in the restructuring of the puppy raising programs.

A German Shepherd breeder, her 8 generations of Hawks Hunt German Shepherds have been successful in obedience, agility, search and rescue, tracking, herding and therapy work; she is also the co-breeder of a National Specialty BOB Brittany. She lives on a working farm in upstate New York with husband John Rice, and their considerable animal family of dogs, cats, parrots, tortoises, Scottish Highland cattle, horses, donkeys, pigs and more. Find out more about Suzanne’s work at her website.

Dr. Debbie Torraca

Dr. Debbie (Gross) Torraca has been involved in the field of canine physical rehabilitation and conditioning for over twenty years. She began her career in human sports medicine and quickly made the transformation to canine physical rehabilitation and sports medicine. She began with a BS at Boston University, and then obtained an advanced MS from Quinnipiac College and a doctorate at the University of Tennessee. She is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, and one of the founders of the University of Tennessee Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner program. Dr. Torraca believes that each day should be a learning experience and continuously seeks opportunities to further her education in the classroom and through real life experiences!

Debbie has taught throughout the world on many topics and is widely published in the field of canine physical rehabilitation, as well as canine performance. She has many DVDS, articles, and related information published for the dog lover in the areas of conditioning, structure, injury prevention, stretching, strengthening, performance, and rehabilitation. She has been very involved with professional research in the realm of canine performance. In addition, she absolutely loves spending time in her clinic, Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, LLC (www.wizardofpaws.net).  She believes EVERY dog deserves the best quality of life for the longest time possible whether they are 8 weeks of age or 18 years of age. Her rapport with animals and passion for rehabilitation is evident in her practice and teaching.  It’s no surprise that Debbie’s advice and insight is sought from all over the world by veterinarians, owners, and researchers.


As previously reported by American Veterinarian®, there is a notable discrepancy between the types of pet foods veterinarians and pet owners believe to be healthy for dogs and cats. For instance, when asked whether low- or no-grain diets are healthier for dogs, 46% of pet owners said yes, while 63% of veterinary professionals said no, according to a survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Similarly, 63% of pet owners said corn was not healthy for dogs, but 50% of veterinarians said it was.

Could a gap in knowledge become detrimental to pets?

Today, the FDA released a warning to veterinarians and pet owners about reports of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating pet foods that contained peas, lentils, legume seeds, or potatoes as the main ingredients. It is not yet known how these ingredients are linked to cases of DCM.

The reports raised a red flag because DCM is occurring more frequently in breeds that are not considered genetically predisposed to developing the disease, including golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, whippets, a Shih Tzu, a bulldog, miniature schnauzers, and mixed breeds.

In the cases reported to the FDA, the dogs were being fed diets that commonly listed potatoes or multiple legumes as well as their protein, starch, and fiber sources early in the ingredient list, indicating that those were the main ingredients. High levels of legumes or potatoes are found often in products labeled as “grain-free.”

The medical records for 4 of the atypical DCM cases—3 golden retrievers and 1 Labrador retriever—revealed that the dogs had low whole blood levels of taurine, which is documented as potentially leading to DCM.

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and the Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network are investigating this potential association. According to the FDA, early reports from the veterinary cardiology community indicate that the dogs ate these foods consistently for time periods ranging from months to years.

In an article that originally appeared on the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University’s blog Petfoodology, Lisa M. Freeman, DVM, PhD, DACVN, recalled a recent patient that was diagnosed with DCM at the school’s hospital. Upon further evaluation, it was discovered that the 4-year-old beagle-Labrador mix had been fed a grain-free pet food that contained kangaroo meat and chickpeas.

“Recently, some astute cardiologists noticed higher rates of DCM in golden retrievers and some atypical dog breeds,” Dr. Freeman wrote. “They also noticed that both the typical and atypical breeds were more likely to be eating boutique or grain-free diets, and diets with exotic ingredients—kangaroo, lentils, duck, pea, fava bean, buffalo, tapioca, salmon, lamb, barley, bison, venison, and chickpeas. Even some vegan diets have been associated. It has even been seen in dogs eating raw or home-prepared diets.”

While the investigation is ongoing, the FDA is encouraging pet owners and veterinary professionals to report cases of DCM that may be linked to a dog’s diet by using the Safety Reporting Porta


Episode 230 “HEMP MY PET”

July 28, 2018

This week on The Groomer Next Door Podcast we have Mark Brannigan from Hemp My Pet on the show.At HempMy Pet, our mission is to be your trusted source for Organic, Hemp Infused Pet products. As a vertically integrated Hemp Company, we stand behind the quality and integrity of our products, from seed to sale, 100%. We only use the highest quality, human-grade ingredients for our Pet products, and never formulate with anything that we would not consume ourselves. In addition to being advocates for animal rights, we donate product to animal rescues and sanctuaries, as we believe Hemp can be especially beneficial for healing mental and physical trauma and can also a beneficial compliment for use during training and behavioral work. We support and advocate for sustainable and Organic farming practices as well as bringing awareness to the current and future landscape of Hemp and especially the importance of growing Hemp Organically. We are active advocates for Hemp as alternative medicine, and our work in the industry and encouragement of consumers to educate themselves is directly tied to moving the industry in a positive direction. We believe that all people and animals have the right to heal themselves naturally and should have access to this plant and ALL other beneficial plants and alternative medicines in order to be able to support their health and well-being for generations to come.