January 29, 2017 Episode 162 “PETCHATZ”

Hello Pups and Kittens and welcome back for the hundred and sixty second time to The Groomer Next Door. This week we have a very special guest joining us on the podcast this week. He's apart of the best pet tech on the market right now. A true innovation in conversation with our furbabies. Without further ado please welcome JOE MEYERS.


The PetChatz® Difference


Just like your pet is more than just a pet, PetChatz is more than just a great pet camera.  PetChatz was born out of the love we have for our pets, the desire to give them a better quality of life, and the understanding that our own lives are better with them in it. So, Why PetChatz? Let us explain…

Happy = You being there – from anywhere

Happy = You being there – from anywhere

What makes a pet happy?  Knowing their owner (or parent or mom or dad) is with them when times are tough and when times are good.  With PetChatz you can engage with each one of your pet’s senses – maximizing their pleasure centers and excitement at being “with you” even if it is virtually.  The PetChatz pet camera has it all – from two-way audio and video to dispensing treats and diffusing calming scents to letting them call you or play a game (with healthy, nutritious treats as a reward), PetChatz is the only complete interaction and engagement system on the market made specifically for pets.  You really can have it all – with PetChatz!

Secure = Peace of Mind that your pet is safe

Secure = Peace of Mind that your pet is safe

At PetChatz – we focus on security and safety (sort of like music – country and western).  We have built the PetChatz unit out of high quality materials in a shape designed to eliminate the worry about chewing (no corners = no place to get a grip).  Our functionality also allows you to monitor your pet and your home while the pet camera is in Silent Mode – for an extra layer of security for you and for your best friend.  This benefit helps create peace of mind and peace of mind helps create a better overall quality of life for everyone in your household. Welcome to the future!

Healthy = Natural, nutritious and delicious

Healthy = Natural, nutritious and delicious

Quality Ingredients
From a “meat first” approach through to natural ingredients plus no grains, fillers or corn, PetChatz Treatz® are among the highest quality products available in the market today.  You can feel good about rewarding your best friend – they deserve it!

Unique Formulation
Does your dog eat your cat’s food? Is your cat a finicky eater? PetChatz Treatz are uniquely formulated to be safe and nutritious for both dogs and cats.  This means no matter which one of your furry buddies is being engaged, the treats are safe and good for them.

Comfort = your voice, scent and face, plus a reward!


The sense of smell for pets is one of the two dominant senses. Calm, reassurance and comfort can all come from familiar smells. With PetChatz Scentz®, you can create this connection with our Calming Formula.  Each call will diffuse this scent – making your PetChatz a safe haven at any time. Plus – our formula is specifically made to be safe for dogs and cats.

Sound – dogs and cats hear much better than humans (cats hear ultrasonic) making sound a key part of their lives.  What makes their lives better, however, is the sound of your voice.  With PetChatz, you can hear them but more importantly they can hear you.  You can comfort them, engage with them and make their day better by simply talking – from anywhere.

We continue to learn new things about how our pets see. Dogs can see colors – but more muted than humans. Cats are low light experts (dogs are not far behind).  They recognize your face – especially when you move and stand out in contrast to your background. With PetChatz, not only can you see how they are doing but they can see you and feel connected with our two-way video pet camera.

With any pet interaction, rewards teach proper behavior and recognize a job well done. The key to a reward system that revolves around food is being able to provide the rewards “guilt free”. PetChatz is the only pet camera treat dispenser that has the proper size and nutritional balance in treats as part of the overall system.  So go ahead – reward away when you can’t be there in person!

Fun = Maximum quality of life for you and your pet

Fun = Maximum quality of life for you and your pet

Let’s face it, having pets is a lot of fun.  We get memories, loyalty, and the purest expression of unconditional love you may ever find.  When you walk in at the end of a long day (or anytime you may be gone) your furry friends are so happy to see you! What if you could be there for them even when you can’t be home?  What would you see? What if you could interact remotely, calm them, encourage them, engage with them and even set up play time (with rewards) so their day gets a little brighter? Even better, what if they could call you and let you know they needed to pay their love forward? Now, what if you could record those memories for posterity? PetChatz (and PawCall®) – the revolutionary pet camera that makes all of this possible.

PetChatz has focused on local sourcing as much as possible. From our Midwest assembled PetChatz and PawCall® to our Minnesota made PetChatz Treatz®, we remain committed to bringing good jobs back to the USA.

Made in the USA – What does this mean today?

Years ago, Made in the USA was a source of pride for our country – product quality was high, jobs were plentiful and the future looked great. Then, the offshoring process began for many manufactured goods we used in our everyday lives.  This drove down prices – but US job losses increased and quality expectations began to fall.  Today, there are quite a few smaller business (and some larger ones as well) seeking to “onshore” more production – using parts from the best quality manufacturers in our new global marketplace, they seek to create good manufacturing jobs in the United States.  PetChatz is one of those companies – from our nutritious treats made in Minnesota to our PetChatz HD unit (and PawCall) assembled at a plant in Southern Minnesota to our engineering – most of which is done in the Upper Midwest as well – our goal is to keep as many high paying jobs inside the borders of this great country.


Take a look inside PetChatz HD

The only complete sensory experience for your pet!

  1. Low-light HD camera
    High-quality HD video for a full experience
  2. Motion detector
    Keep track of them to ensure they are safe
  3. Sound detector
    Unusual noises? Get alerted via email
  4. Pet-safe microphone
    Specially engineered to pick up dog sounds
  5. Full-color LCD display
    Make your pet smile when they see your face
  6. Full-frequency speaker
    Designed so your dog or cat can hear every whisper
  7. Treat release
    A patented system to deliver one treat at a time to your dog or cat
  8. Pet-safe scent release
    Soothing scents help relieve your dog’s anxiety
  9. Compatible with PawCall
    PawCall allows your pet to call you and play games when you’re away

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