June 10, 2017 Episode 177 “WHEEL OF FORTUNE RANCH

Hello Pups and Kittens, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door podcast. This week we return to the microphone after a short absence because The Groomer Next Door Pet Salon opened two weeks ago. We've been playing catch up with all of our grooming pups. But now we can turn the mics back on and have a great conversation with Donna Penley (Owner of the Wheel of Fortune Ranch).
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By Donna Penley

There aren’t many things in this old world that make my heart take wing;
But it does when a little girl named Alice decides to sing.

Oh, she isn’t a tutored singer, and most times she sings off-key,
But when that little blue-eyed blond sings, it means the world to me!!

She comes to me in a yellow bus, with mute kids just like she;
Their thoughts have all turned inward.  No words to set them free.

I lead the horse, reins in my hand, another coach walks by her side --
And Alice sits up straight, throws her head back and opens her mouth wide

One day the other coach named Bob asked, “What’s she singin’?  I don’t understand.            ”
I said, “Listen very carefully, it’s ‘I’m An Old Cowhand’.”

Now, how did that child learn that song when she doesn’t speak a thing?
I don’t know -- but she did it.  And, it makes all my work worthwhile --

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